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Here is the second Victorian era bathing suit I am posting. This one has a very special sailor design to it. The body of the suit is like a jumpsuit, and it has a detachable skirt that can button on to the waist. The buttons are all metal and all original. I love how the bloomers peek out of the bottom just slightly. This one is made out of 100% wool. Now can you imagine swimming in that? Although I’m not sure how much actual swimming they would have done. I read that they would often get into “bathing machines” which were a little room on wheels that was hooked up to horses and they would be wheeled into the water.

I have seen many many reproductions of this swimsuit, but this and my other Victorian swimsuit are both original antique swimwear. They came from the same estate in New Hampshire.

Check out the pictures at the end of the photo set, I absolutely love the one with the two women and men. They look very tough, what style!

This bathing suit is for sale also contact me for more information.


I know its winter out there, but I wanted to upload a couple very special things that I have been hording for too long. I must apologize for the poor picture quality! It was overcast today and the lighting was awful. Hopefully you can get the idea though.

This first photo set is one of two Victorian bathing suits that I own. They are both from the late 1800s somewhere between 1880-1900. This one is in mint condition! It makes me so happy something so old has survived all these years. The fabric, a wool cotton blend most likely, is a deep rich black with a slight sheen to it. This swimsuit closes up the side with hook and eyes and has a stunning tiered skirt with striped trim. Stripes seem to be very popular in Victorian swimwear. The last two pictures are women from the late 1800s lounging in their similar swimwear.

The swim suits were very modest and this would have been worn with bloomers or stocking and sandals. personally I have worn this to work and a dinner party, people are very surprised to find out its actually a swimsuit!

Both for these bathing suits are FOR SALE, contact me for more details. I am open to offers.