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Once a week I am going to post pictures of one jacket or coat from my collection. I’m not sure exactly how many I have in that closet of mine so it’ll be a fun project pulling them out one by one.

This coat is very special to me. It is the first sport coat I ever bought. I believe this coat is meant for men or boys but is a size 16, which I’m assuming is for a person that has a 32 inch chest (that’s me!) and it fit perfectly. This one is super thick and warm. I am in love with the riveted zipper, and double buckles on the back.

The jacket’s label is “Klink Koat” and is made by Klinkerfues Bros Co from St Paul Minn. I had a very hard time finding information on this company. I have included two photos of other jackets with the same label (source: My Freedamn 5). The caption states that they produced jackets in the 30s and 40s. I was also able to find a photo of Klinkerfues Bros Co and all of its employees from 1910! I was surprised to see how many women worked at that company compared to men.

Hope you enjoyed the photos and I welcome your comments.